Estate Administration

Whether or not a person has left a Will- a grant of representation may need to be obtained in order to settle their financial affairs. The current limit for when a grant of representation is required is £5,000.00. Therefore; if you pass away and own a property then either probate of letters of administration must be granted.

Probate is the legal document that entitles the Executor to administer the estate when a person leaves a Will.

Letters of Administration are granted to the Administrator in matters when a person dies without leaving a valid Will- otherwise known as “intestacy”. If this is the case then strict intestacy rules must be followed.

At Coates Solicitors, we have vast experience and knowledge in both scenarios. We also understand that each matter is individual.

The process of administering an estate includes: establishing what assets exist, finding who is entitled to what, gathering in the assets, settling any debts and applicable tax and distributing the proceeds to those whom are to benefit.

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